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My Instagram post

I chose to do an image to promote my Skillshare class, Handcrafted Jewelry: Making a Sweetheart ring.  I am looking to gain in students and in Instagram followers so I gave it a try.  Since I don't have Abode Illustrator yet, I decided to do this with an art app I use on my iPhone called Art Studio.  I selected the same types of tools used in the class to create this art work.  Then I added text for my call to action.  The copy may be a bit weak for an actual call to action but I am a soft sell, so I went with it!  I changed the copy a few times until I was satisfied that is was simple but sent the right message. Then I added a quick finger sketch to make it more personalized.  I have posted a series of photos of different stages of my project.  So far I have gotten the quickest response of anything I have posted in a long while!  Thanks Aerie!  : )







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