My Instagram Refresh

My Instagram Refresh - student project

This was such a great class. I learned a bunch of new tips to help make Instagram not feel as scary to use. I'll be turning 50 this year and my kids help me stay young by introducing me to various online tools to help me with my business, as well as connecting with distant cousins I met when doing genealogy research.


My mission for my business, The Simple Living Genealogist, is about helping others connect to their ancestors, to never stop learning something new, and to never stop exploring the world around us. 

I just started my business last November. 

The content buckets that I feel I should use are 1. Travel & Explore 2. Genealogy 3. History 4. Minimalism 5. Learning. 

During the class, I paused and went to sign up for a account to give it a try. I'm looking forward to simplifying my social media. This would help me to not constantly be on the computer and I can do more of what will bring value to my day. Not to say social media doesn't bring value to my day, but I would enjoy spending time doing other things too within my day. 

Such a great class. I look forward to following you on Instagram to see what else I may learn. 


Jon Marie Pearson

The Simple Living Genealogist