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My Instagram Post

I am always looking for ways to market my jewelry web stores.  Instagram is my fav since I am an artist and am very visually oriented.  I know that copy sells but I'm not great at it.  This course gave me an opportunity to use some fun copy and try my hand at a new style of posting on my Instagram account.  I just uploaded Canva last week to update my Etsy banner and struggled a bit.  This class came at the perfect time, making Canva fun and easy for me to use.  I was able to customize my text color to match my existing logo which was great.  It's not exact but pretty close I think.  Canva allowed me to add one of my product images to customize this post.  Then I added the copy in the center.  Including my web address at the bottom was a novelty for me, and it was obviously a good move.  Just never thought to do that on a post before...  I didn't expect this process to go so quickly so I didn't even get a chance to take screenshots of the process.  Image of my finished post is below.  Since this is a new method for me I am totally open to suggestion!  Looking forward to using Canva regularly.  Thanks Katelyn! : )


Katelyn thanks for your idea!  You suggested I add a transparent box to highlight the headline in the middle of the image.  I ended up making it a soft green and I kinda like it.  Great suggestion!  Do you think it takes up too much attention now thougth?  Look forward to your thoughts.


Katelyn I loved your cool thought about tweaking this some more.  I wasn't really loving the black copy in the center of the image.  I it much better now that the copy is white.  It still stands out but doesn't take over the whole design visually.  Thanks!  Had fun with this.  ; )



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