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Chris V

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My Instagram Growth Challenge



I am so excited to be taking this class Ohn Mar, with you sharing your experience as an artist on IG.  I sought to treat my IG account like a large canvas for my new creative business Octopus Connect.  It's a culmination of all my different types of fine art, graphics, photography and lettering projects in one place.

I wanted to make it pleasing to the eye, and I was impressed with the accounts that had feeds that looked like alternating tiles. In order to achieve that for myself, I pick a color theme and try to stick to it for about 1 month. Then I post alternating light and dark colored images to create a balance. 

I have been building my followers but it's been a really slow go. My account is almost 1 year old and I would really like to give it a boost.  I'm hoping it's not too diverse in content, but this is truly me and what I do everyday.  

Starting Feb 1st, I will participate in the 2 week challenge.  I want to focus on more videos, stories and posting more frequently.  I will be checking the stats more often and will comment with more words and use fewer hashtags to adhere to the new IG policies (thanks loads for sharing that btw).   I currently have 433 followers and look forward to the possibilities!  





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