My Instagram Campaign

My Instagram Campaign - student project

I'm working on growing a fitness brand.

1. A theme I am interested in is something like this My Instagram Campaign - image 1 - student project


2. I chose this theme because it has a cool unique take on fitness demonstrating amazing results with cool photos, showing how a physique and a nice lifestyle go hand in hand, and jaw-dropping transformations from real people who had their lives changed.

3. I need to find the best lighting for myself and stay consistent with acquiring that lighting. I am working with friends and helping them transform so I can have some before/after photos. I'd like to continue training people for free to get the before/after. I need to continue to improve my body and the quality of a camera. Also, have people take photos or be crafty and use a tripod. I'd also like to post clips of workout videos I would also like to create.

Here is the above the fold of my current page.

My Instagram Campaign - image 2 - student project