My Instagram Brand/Name

My Instagram Brand/Name - student project

Hey guys, I took this class as a part of the Lettering for the Holidays Workshop and since I'm currently working on developing my online brand, I decided to create this project based on the name I use on Instagram which is @lauryporfavor(Which means Laury Please!, inner joke, sorry)


My "go to" style in lettering is a variation of my handwriting so this one was really fun for me. Here is what I came up with:

First I started with this for my brand and tried different backgrounds since I want this to be my Instagram profile picture:My Instagram Brand/Name - image 1 - student project

My Instagram Brand/Name - image 2 - student project   My Instagram Brand/Name - image 3 - student project My Instagram Brand/Name - image 4 - student project







Then I figured I'd try some cool effects on Procreate with some watercolor brushes I recently got. So I went all crazy and did this:

My Instagram Brand/Name - image 5 - student project