Nataliya Aleshina

Aspiring writer, focused at mastering my craft!



My Instagram Account

I'm on Instagram to share my life story with like minded


I like sports, healthy living, art, beauty, books, fashion

and self growth.

Instagram helps me to keep in touch with my friends overseas and

view their stories.

I have my account for over 2 years now.

During this time I have created and shared over 700 authentic photos

using my I phone 4s.

As for the 14th of August 2016 I have reached over 500 subscribers.

Some of them are my real friends and some are good online friends I found via


I feel their support and feedback each day I post or comment on their photos.

In the future I see myself as an aspiring writer and blogger,

possibly videorgrapher on YouTube.

I want to grow my audience.

For a long time my nick name in Instagram was @_.natulechka._

My real name is Nataliya Aleshina.

But after enrolling in to the Skill Share study experience and completing

several courses I have spent the one total day

in the Library thinking about my future brand.

I have changed the name of my account yesterday

to @BillionaireWithin

but as I look at it now

I realize 

that it might turn away some people

away because of the sensitive issue of money

associated with the word "Billionaire"

while my message is that

there is a billionaire potential within each individual

I believe that

each soul is priceless.

Dear Vladimir and dear members of our community

I seek for your advice -

would you recommend to keep searching for another better

name for my account or work with this one?

I am in doubts.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Much care,


 Give a follow (@BillionaireWithin), you will receive a follow-back :) 

Sincerely yours

Nataliya Aleshina 


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