My Insporation

My Insporation - student project

I thought a lot about what it was I want from my life and how my career can serve as a method to reaching that. I come from a family of very hard workers- people who never retire and work themselves to death. I see those very same characteristics within myself as I take on life as a student, working near full time, tutoring, and interning. So often work becomes my entire life, and I want to find a balance between those two.

I found that the key to breaking that cycle was through independence within my career. I want my career to grant me the independence to choose my schedule, take on new interests, and choose the most fulfilling paths. 

I love to plan things. I always say that I love planning but I hate doing. It's a quick joke, but there's so much insight into what can make me the happiest version of myself in reality. I love being given the keys to plan a project, see the moving pieces, adjust accordingly, and use that to enable my own creative ideas.