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My Inky Valentine

***For the Inky Valentine Workshop***

Milestone 1: Brainstorm, due 2/2

I've pulled images that are inspiring for this project. I'd like to use pen and ink for the sketching itself rather than pencil. I love how Liam Stevens and Mike Lowery (mispelled his name in my jpg, oops) draw everything, including their lettering, in various type font styles.

I don't have sketches yet to show, but I brainstormed what to say on the card. I'll do some variation on "I love you more than..." such as "I love you more than my iphone", or "I love you more than my Netflix subscription", or "I love you more than my PlayStation". These days we're so focused on our phones and game systems, it can be hard for our loved ones to compete for our affections.

Thanks for looking!


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