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My Initials LetterMark

Hi, everyone!

First of all, George, thank you for sharing your experience! Your marks are awesome!

II've been thinking about making my own logo for a while, so this challenge can be very useful for me :) As an idea, I wanted to do logo using my initials. So I've made some sketches:


This is the chosen one (I like it because it looks like a butterfly or even a bird):


And then the battle between me and illustrator began. Seriously, I envy your patience. It was so hard and nervous for me to combine those curves! This is one of the earliest attempts.


And here is the final result!


I've made the second version - based on straight lines.


I can't say I satisfied with the result, I will try again maybe with one of the other sketches. And also I want to make a mark using negative space.

Thanks for watching! Any bits of advice are welcome!


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