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My Influence Map

This was truly an intriguing exercise. I learn more and more every day that I have an old soul (haha). As a kid, I didn't have a lot of favorites (except Disney!) but according to this map, I gravitated to imagery what was vibrate, slightly exaggerated and somewhat realistic. Many of the TV shows that I watched growing up aired on Nick at Nite. I particularly loved Lucille Ball and many of the late 50s-70s shows.

I watched a lot of cartoons in my teens (I studied Computer Animation in undergrad). So a few of the influences in my map popped up during adolescence but are still so telling of my style. Overall, I seem to be drawn to cutesy, simple characters that have spunk and that fits my illustration style well!

Thank you for this style-analysis exercise!


1. Mickey and Friends

2. The Magic School Bus

3. The Muppet Babies

4. Doug

5. Pocahontas

6. As Told By Ginger (love her because she actually changed clothes!)

7. The Rugrats

8. The Baby Sitters Club

9. I Love Lucy [had to make a 9th one :-)]

I also grew up in the age of Daria. If there was a 10th spot, it'd go to her!


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