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My Indie Week

Do you ever leave work at 6pm or spend your Sunday afternoon strolling around aimlessly with absolutely no direction or idea of what's happening in your neighborhood? Or perhaps you just feel that whatever's available doesn't tend to tickle your fancy or pose any interest to your liking?

Enter My Indie Week [Tentative name]

A daily utility which updates users with local independent events based on their preferences and geo-targeted locations.  With an emphasis around arts, music and fashion, consumers can avoid having to search for what to do on their off time or the need to rely on social media for "in the know" events, galleries and pop-up activities.

Users create a profile and select categories that align with their lifestyles (i.e. I live in Brooklyn and like Street Art, Architecture, and Surrealism) and each day would receive a curated planner of things going on in the independent artist and designer community.

Also, this is a perfect opportunity for emerging artists, musicians and designers, who are looking for additional exposure, representation, or simply reach a broader market.

My Indie Week offers access to the artist and the follower. Bringing both worlds together to creative a larger community of like-minded individuals, based on taste, passion and collaboration.


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