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My Indian Wedding Planner App

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Namaste  Guys

My FREE Indian wedding app gives you  basic information on  Indian/ Hindu wedding rituals & ceremonies  so your knowledge will NO longer SUCK !

* Want to plan your Big Fat Indian Wedding - This App Will Help
* Need to impress your future Mother-in-law - The App Will NOT Help , but Good Luck !
* Want to know all the rituals and ceremonies  - This App Will Help
* Want to know why they put a coconut under there car - This App Will Help

So if you are getting married , know someone who is getting married....or want to become an Indian wedding PRO


You will become a INDIAN WEDDING PRO within 20 Minutes.  

The App contains the following FREE features :-

The Indian marriage

 * The Significance
 * The History
 * Ancient Customs
 * The Traditions

Bride Preparations

 * Accessories
 * Hair Care Tips
 * Bridal Mehendi
 * Jewelery
 * Make Up
 * Indian Sari

Indian Wedding Preparations

 * Choosing the wedding venue
 * Deciding your wedding budget
 * Deciding your wedding guest list
 * Choosing your caterer
 * Indian wedding Shopping
 * Indian Wedding favors
 * Indian Wedding Card Ideas
 * Flower Decorations

Indian Groom

 * Groom Wear
 * Accessories
 * Hair Care
 * General Tips

Planning your Indian Wedding Ceremony

  * An interactive budget planner  - So you can see how much you spend (see screenshots)
  * A guest list option - Allows you to create your own guest list (see screenshots)

Main Day

 * Wedding Guests
 * Food & Drinks
 * Wedding Stage
 * Wedding Car Decorations


* Facebook , Twitter & Email buttons to share your big day


It's Free to Download , Get started in under 60 seconds. Try it today !


Your Knowledge of Indian wedding rituals & ceremonies will NO longer SUCK !!!


Advert free !! No Pop ups just straightforward stuff for you…unlike all other apps out there


If you have downloaded the app – Please give me analysis because so i can make it better.  

1) Do you understand the purpose of this app?
2) What do you like about the app so far?
3) What do you NOT like about the app?
4) How useful is the wedding app  to you? (scale of 1-5)
5) Did you use the budget planner ?
6) If you used budget planner  how much did you save?
7) Did you use the guest list feature to create invitations?
8) Did you get stuck or were you confused at any point using the app ? If so, when and why
9) Is there anything you would change in this app’s features?
10) Do you know why they put a Coconut under the car?
11) Did you use the Facebook / twitter functions?
12) How much is this app worth to you?
13) Would you recommend this app to others? If yes, why? If no, why not?
14)  Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Please email me [email protected]

Coming Soon Indian/Hindu  Wedding Vendor Section & Indian wedding songs

S-T-A-Y   T-U-N-E-D   F-O-L-K-S !!

PART 3 - ICON designs

Wanted it to be be iconic and bold had two designs the first one

is my favorite becuase it looks really nice but is too detailed when looking at the

icon on your phone

old icon

so i decided to make it more simplified so it stands out but i believe it is too simple

and bland,

I would like to change the app icon next month , so would love your  feedback and analysis

on how i can make it much better

thanks in advance..Neil

PART 4 - Unique pitch for getting Featured by Apple or Google.

Hi Guys ,

My BIG Idea is the My Indian Wedding App ,

My product is for bride & grooms who need help organizing their Big Fat Indian Wedding. My product is an iPhone App & Android App that will help automate & plan many of the tasks that are required.

While there are many common wedding apps out there this is the only one out there, for Indian Weddings . So you can learn step by step how to plan for different ceremonies. This will reduce the risk in planning the big day.

We launched in August & the app is available now so try it out.

screen shots


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