My Illustrator Projects

My Illustrator Projects - student project

Project 1: Lines and Shapes

This is my first time using illustrator to draw. Quite a fun experience, but I do think that I have some poor sense when it comes to color.

My Illustrator Projects - image 1 - student project


Project 2: Shape Builder Tool

I didn't spend much time on drawing the swan, the challenging part for me in this project is the selection of colors to make every element in the image more relevant to one another.

My Illustrator Projects - image 2 - student project


Project 3: Curvature Tool

The owl was actually easy to create, so I decide to spend a little time on the surrounding, The background was inspired by others' project in the calm color scheme. I practiced the curvature tool by creating the branch and the leaves in the image.

My Illustrator Projects - image 3 - student project


Project 4: Pen Tool

As for the pen tool, I find it's more diffucult to use compared to curvature tool. I managed to draw the owl along with other shapes in the exercise thanks to the lines provided in templates. I've then made an attempt myself to create logo out of the shape of owl. It was a simple one, but I guess I'm getting started on the imagination part.My Illustrator Projects - image 4 - student project

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