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My Illustration Tools

Hey everyone! It's been really cool looking at everyone's projects!! Here's mine...


I first went nuts with the listmaking. There's more on the opposite page, but I decided to keep it simple and stick with my illustration tools. Someday I may revisit this assignment with a different list but I wanted to at least learn the material. 



Some layout thumbnails. I wanted to keep the lantern and make the composition more like some kind of clandestine flag to add a bit of fun to it. 


Here's the final sketch I went with. 


My first pass with the Pen tool. I'd used Photoshop for years but never utilized the Pen tool - it's a complete hidden gem! I also took the Pen Tool Master class which was very helpful in understanding this process.



Here's just *some* of the ink marks I made. I also went nuts with the ink marks and had to go back and make more to properly fit the piece where I wanted texture (the lamp oil, pencil textures, etc.). Definitely worth it to think a bit about what marks you need and then make some marks rather than make random marks and pray they fit.


Here's the final piece! It was a lot like putting together a puzzle, swapping the textures and colors and poking everything until it fitted together. Thank you Tom for an amazing class! I can't wait to do more projects using process in the future!!



Here's another version without the ink splatters - I couldn't decide which one I liked better.


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