My Illustrated Journal

My Illustrated Journal - student project

My Illustrated Journal - image 1 - student project

This song by Karol G has been on replay for almost a week now and I am glad it was a simple song cover haha. I felt really relaxed while illustrating it and was nice to take my mind off other things while doing this. Looking forward to 1 tomorrow's prompt!

My Illustrated Journal - image 2 - student project

Recently I learned that tarantulas have "fingers" behind their tush to weave spiderwebs. I always knew spiders created spiderwebs but never knew how they did so. Drawing this was time consuming but was also fun! I found the "stubble" brush in Procreate to help create the look of hairs. I'll see what new tools in Procreate I use next!

My Illustrated Journal - image 3 - student projectAlthough it feels sloppy, this one was fun to draw. I’m away from my shelf now and it was cool recalling what it looks like and what books I have read that are up there.