My Illoging

My Illoging - student project

My Illoging - image 1 - student projectToday I tried to do some illustrative journaling or illoging. Here is how I see my trip to Germany: the cities I visited (Berlin, Kassel, Frankfurt), celebrating the start of the years of the pig, some things I've seen, the Sunflower hostel and Shwip Shwap which made me and my friends laugh.
I hope you this memento piece! 

My Illoging - image 2 - student project


Here is another February log. I didn't want to limit myself to one entry per month and I wanted to make a memento of a more mundane period. Everything is drawn except the turtle sticker, which is there to represent my new interest in evolutionary biology and the first online png sticker I made (but I don't have a physical one yet).  I also did more art, both traditional and digital and I started studying Chinese on Duolingo, so now I can say a couple of things. The weather is sunnier and I can't wait for the spring!


My Illoging - image 3 - student project

Another illoging idea, I wanted this to look like a magazine cover. And the cover girl is Anne Shirley Cuthbert, a girl with endless imagination.
She never looked like this in the show itself, but let's not restrain ourselves with that. To do this, I combined different markers and I used some stickers I have.
It's all about fun, after all.