My Ideal Planner System

My Ideal Planner System - student project

I will track where I stay at the weekend, family trips/excursions/events, my lectures+tutoriums, my exam dates, my ballet/piano lessons and adulting appointments in my google calendar. This is basically everything that gets planned monthly or less frequently. (The weekend schedule needs to be seen by other people as well)

I will have a monthly overview for everything that happens that is out of the norm, which I will pull from the google calendar (so things like lectures and ballet lessons will NOT go on this). I also will need a place to have a monthly habit+sleep tracker and I would love a place for my doodle challenge.

I will have a weekly overview that will give me an idea of my week (time wise) so basically everything that I need to go to goes on there (including appointments of any kind that popped up at the beginning of the week) . I also want a weekly to do list to keep track of things that need to get done that week, but don't have a day assigned to them (yet). I love hourly layouts, because it gives me a good overview on how much time I will spend on what (for example lectures, which have a definite time and length).

I also need space to put daily to do lists. Those might not happen everyday and their size will vary from day to day.

I definitely know that I will use google calendar (I have for some years now). I have been playing with the idea of having a bullet journal for a while now, which would fit perfectly for all the things listed above (exept the stuff I will put in the google calendar). Since I know that drawing a monthly and weekly spread all the time will be time consuming I plan on making up a minimalistic monthly spread, that could maybe even include the habits (I have been drawing a spread for them for a couple of months now). My weekly spread should also require minimal effort. I will probably make a cheat sheet for both the monthly and the weekly spread to make my life easier when I start doing this. 

I will probably not start the bullet journal until January, because I still need to finish my current planner (a limitless planner) and I first want to know how next years limitless planner is going to look like. My current system is working alright for now, so I don't see the need to change to a bullet journal immediately.

I loved this class, it was my first experience with skillshare and this was definitely really really good! I am so looking forward to the classes Cindy is going to post in the future!


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