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My Icon Set


With my choice of interests, I chose gaming, cooking, and sketching.

Gaming has always been a big part of my life. Whether it was video games, card games, or table top games. However, having school and work limits my time to sit down and enjoy a game so video games are my go-to. I decided to use my Nintendo 3DS as my icon because it is the portable game I carry around if I have some free time.

Cooking is not only a hobby, but it is a big part of my family. I grew up with my mother owning several restaurants and cooking for them. Nearly every meal I had was from scratch and authentic Thai food. Since she loved experimenting with food, she was not afraid to try other cultural foods. As I got older, I began to pick up cooking and I enjoyed making food for others rather than myself.

I chose sketching over drawing because I love the idea of brainstorming. Everywhere I go, I carry my moleskin and mechanical pencil. I like jotting down little doodles or scribble down some words. My moleskin is more than a sketchbook, it's full of reminders and little notes, it's full of memories that I like to carry around with me. I also have a habit of never finishing my sketchbooks because I don't want those memories to end.

This project was really fun to follow along. It's my first project on skillshare and I'm glad I got to try it out.


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