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My IG Challenge: #lesmachinesdegaelle

 I've been on IG for about a year now. I'd love to be able to develop my illustration work but I've been struggling to find my niche! 


Ohn Mar Win's prompt to review my bio and my IG profile got me thinking about the illustrations I enjoyed drawing the most and had been the most successful and these were my line sketches. One of my favourite, which was also in my top 9 last year is a drawing of an old voice recording machine.


So I decided to give that theme a go and focus on machines for the next 14 days (and if I'm good 30!). The challenge, I think will be to keep up with the artwork while not becoming too engrossed in the whole challenge (there are other jobs that need to get done!).

I posted my first image in the series at lunchtime and already lost a follower. But it's OK, at least the focus will give her clearer message to my audience about who I am and where I'd like to be heading!

I'll be using the #ohnmarIGchallenge and #lesmachinesdeGaelle for the next 14-30 days, if you come across my machines, stop by and say hello, I'd love to hear your feedback! Otherwise, you can catch me on IG at: 

See you soon!

Update: 6 March 2018

So so so... I've gained a few followers :-) and lost probably almost as many. I had anticipated that keep up with producing posts would be a difficult challenge. What I hadn't anticipated was that the hardest challenge of it all would be to keep my style consistent. I managed to draw machines for a week everyday but then I had to draw something else!


Then I discovered I could paint on the Sketch app and that was so much fun, my daily drawing time was spent! Then I fancied playing with my daughter's sparkles and did a couple of drawings with this. Next I bought watercolour pencils and discovered yet another fun way to draw and make marks... And so on. Each time I pick up a new tool, it seems that I draw in a different style!

I guess I am all over the place (tends to be how my mind works!) and the real challenge for me will be to find my own visual identity. Right now, I feel I am suffering from a multiple visual personality disorder!!! 

The challenge was helpful to make me reflect on where I am at and where I am heading. I realised I still need to explore. So I've decided to approach this with a different action plan:

I will revisit the IG challenge in 6 months. Between now and then, I will keep practicing and randomly and freely putting posts on IG without being strategic. Instead I will aim to document my visual explorations. In the meantime, I will try to develop a more consistent voice offline (I recommend the short Art Boot Camp for developping your style by Christine Nishiyama).

My new personal challenge therefore is to step back and get an offline backlog of 60 posts (10 per month for the next six months), which I will start uploading twice a day from September onwards.

In the meantime, do come and say hello on IG:



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