My Hydrangea

My Hydrangea - student project

Hi Katya,

I am happy to show you my hydrangea. I saw granulating colours on my reference photo & couldn't get it out my head not to use them, so they were added... cobalt violet & permanent Mauve (Windsor & Newton) to your suggested colours.

I used a lovely softer version of a  Annie Spratt image....  I loved her dark backgrounds which makes me want to paint a similar colour backgrounds but I'm hesitant because I'm not that confident with backgrounds yet. They are one of my challenges I have on my list for 2019. Sketching is also an area I would like to improve on, so I thankyou for simplifying the process for this flower head, focusing attention on a few accent petals was a great place to start less daunting , although looking at my painting , Im not sure mine pop out (haha) oh well. Oops...I will endeavour to make more of an effort with central parts & shadows on next hydrangea. 

Thanks again Katya, your classes always inspire & challenge me,....finding art late in life, I am always in a hurry to improve, retirement in not so far away.... so I dream to sit & paint all day long, doing what I love & selling my art.

My Hydrangea - image 1 - student project

My Hydrangea - image 2 - student project


More practise, by making a card for someone special only A5 & folded, so its small but lovely for a card I think.

.My Hydrangea - image 3 - student project


I welcome any comments Katya.