Samuel Naesen

It all starts with you



My Honest Thoughts.

First of all great information, I really aspire to deliver such value too with my own classes. THANK YOU! 

My efforts

In just under two weeks my class has been enrolled 55 times. Now I have 5 good reviews and a bad one. Of the 5 reviews, only one person left a comment on my class. My personal circle says that my class is low quality, and in a sense they are right.

My slides are black and pretty boring, my voice-overs are poor quality and overall, the content could be better. My marketing strategy was helping teachers out & enrolling to their classes. In return I would expect from them to do the same & convert them into students.

The outcome 

Nobody left real arguments, nor projects or advices. Honestly, I don't even think that all 55 people actually watched all my video's in the first place. I don't blame them. My laziness got the best of me during the creation process. Also, I was testing skillshare out and didn't really payed attention to details.

My next move

I will make more classes. I will promote less on Skillshare communities and help people more. I will start discussions to drive people to my topics & classes. I will market on social platforms, and give out free courses to people who really want them. I will engage more with my current students. Eventually when the time is ripe, I'll start a blog  & I'll drive people through a sales funnel to my courses. (Always be testing stuff out :p )

Thoughts on skillshare Algorithm

I wouldn't be surprised if Skillshare changed their algorithm. It sounds like a very logical step. Things were getting really unauthentic inside some communities. With skillshare's old algorithm, a lot of poor quality classes would have a chance to trend. Going down that route, this could potentially affect skillshare's brand equity in the long term. (Of course, these are based on my opinions. Not actual facts.)


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