My Hidden Empire !

My Hidden Empire ! - student project


I'm so excited to be taking this class !! this is my first time taking a skillshare class so I hope I am doing all this the right way lol.. ANYWHO !! My name is Carolina but everyone calls me Karo.. I am a completely self taught graphic designer.. I just finished an internship about 6 months ago at a Creative Agency in Miami.. I now live in Riverside, California.

So, my brand is called Hidden Empire ( is our website, which is currently a little underconstruction, but feel free to check it out anyway ^_^) ...I say "our" because the brand was founded by me and my boyfriend. I'm the creative behind it all and he (besides being super supportive) does our videos/photos and helps me with some t-shirt ideas and concepts! 

The meaning behind the name "Hidden Empire" is that we belive that every single person has a hidden passion, talent and/or desire... And sometimes because of society, rules, people's opinions or the way we are brought up that passion gets burried deep down inside of us until we dont really even know what it is anymore. We believe that whether it be being a graphic designer, videographer, roller coaster builder or even a surgeon, teacher or president of the United States that passion that we are born with should never die, that extraordinary "Empire" within us should see the light of each day! Basically, we strive to inspire and motivate people to reveal their own "Hidden Empire"... Because we feel that when you are being true to yourself and your passions... that is when you truly find happiness! :)

The images below are our sticker designs for our free sticker pack promotion.

My Hidden Empire ! - image 1 - student project

& the next images are the T-shirt designs we have been working on... besides inspiring quotes, we get our inspiration from kingdoms, old empires around the world, military things... things that basically protect and stand for something honorable (things like that lol)... hope you guys enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them :)

My Hidden Empire ! - image 2 - student project

My Hidden Empire ! - image 3 - student project


Graphic Designer & Photographer