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My Heart, It Belongs to the Wildness


This 7 word phrase is my own, and came from the feeling of having to return home from camping trips. There is little I enjoy more in this world than sleeping under the stars, taking a midnight hike, or having breakfast on the mountainside. i've been reduced to tears driving home, feeling like I'm headed in the wrong direction. 



I'm finally sitting down to a computer to share my pin-board for my reference material.

My heart is messy, and joyful, and chaotic, and maybe sparkly, and nature can be messy and chaotic, and maybe sparkly, and definitely joyful.

But solumn and quiet and cautious at times too... 

I *think* I want my final peice to be clean, but chaotic too... we will see


I chose 'heart' or 'my heart' as my practice word. My efforts felt ridiculous, and uptight, not in the spirits of the statement at all.  I think I am going to choose a couple individual letters and numbers to practice adding style.  


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