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My HappySpace: Home Office

I just love my home office! Since moving into a smaller apartment, I've had to put the whole setup in the corner of my bedroom. But the gorgeous frosted glass top keeps it light and bright, and I'm surrounded by so much color-- I never get bored!

(Also, these photos are so beautiful because my wonderful boyfriend wanted to take them for me with his fancy camera :)

Many more photos to come, but finishing up a job now... very excited to share everything with all of you! So happy to be involved in this very cool online class. (A little late to the party, but better now than never!)

A stack of vintage childrens books & Taschen picture books / a (real!) gold phone headset that plugs into your iPhone / a big old wooden thumbs up from my favorite vintage store in LA -Revival- / The artwork is by Layla Ackdogdon

I really love birds!! Found the green flamingo planter at a vintage store in Venice / artwork from Out of the Closet thrift store- the colors and thick gloopy texture are incredible / that's my buddy Feather the betta fish! He is my desk companion, and loves attention. I put some crystals and a seashell in there with him to make his home lovely, too! His tank is a gumball cookie jar (I just prop the lid up so he can have fresh air) / those 80's invitations are so fun. I wish people still sent letters and postal mail- guess I'm old fashioned :)

The copper metal bow chair is one of my favorite posessions. I got it for $6 at an estate sale in the hills. / All the books stacked under the seat are my illustrated fairy tales! My two favortie things (childrens book illustrations and old school fairy tales) / The white porcalin sculpture is of Kwan Yin, a very powerful goddess figure. She represents compassion, and her presence is so comforting / The roses were from my parents for my recent 31st birthday! Such stunning colors

A few more of my favorite things :) 


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