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Larissa Klober

Design Student



My Halifax - memories of a great year

Hi! My name is Larissa and I am currently traveling as an exchange student in Halifax, Canada. This map will show some of my favorite/most important places in the city and will be a souvenir for myself after I go back home. 

This project sheet will be organized backwards (oldest entries in the bottom), just so it's easier to visualize.

Comments are more than welcome, I am here to learn ;)


Deliverable 2: Hand-drawn map

This was my first drawing, showing most of the city.

This second iteration, differently organized, shows my way from home to the university.

I love folding <3 - Just found a tutorial for the turkish map fold.


Deliverable 1:

- Why am I making this map?

This will be a souvenir of my experience studying abroad. I am currently living in Canada as an exchange student for one year, and I'd like to register some memories through this map.

- Why am I the expert to creat this map?

Because it shows my own point of view about the city, and my personal experience.

- Who is my target audience?

Myself :)

- What level of detail do I need to include?

Main streets with names, illustrations, color labels, names of main places, brief descriptions

- Do I want it to be physical or digital?

I haven't decided yet. It might be a digital image, or handmade using different layers of paper, or something more interactive... I don't know.

- Dear classmates, I need your help/expertise/guidance on tips, advices, comments or anything you feel like saying. I'm here to learn :)


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