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Franki B. Kidd



My HAWT (hot) classes for March Madness :)

March is almost here.

I'm excited to enter Skillshare's Winter Challenge


Feb 14, 2017



January 2, 2017

Greetings Skillshare-ers!

I joined the platform in June 2016.  I had great success and I LUV the platform.

I continue to enter challenges because they make me a better teacher.

Wishing you all Sweet Skillshare Success.

Franki (FBK)


Oct 29.  I'm busy creating my classes but the titles and subject matter as shown in the image has changed. 

My latest class focuses on Storytelling Marketing to increase sales of products and services.


Hello All.  I updated my cover image to reflect my upcoming classes.   The outline is missing one of my classes 25 Marketing Hacks for Skillshare success

If you want to know more about me check out my profile

Here are three successful Skillshare Marketing tips that I use as a Skillshare teacher. When you create a class and enrollments are slow or they slow down, consider doing the following.



Update your bio picture.  It does not have to be boring.


Give your bio tagline a little swag.  In other words, make it interesting. 


Rotate between several class covers.

I change out all three of the aforementioned on occasion to make them more interesting.  Is this a marketing tip you will try?


Below is info regarding previous classes I launched. When you create a project on Skillshare it remains up forever. You can update it, but at this time you cannot remove the project. Under the line below is info on my pass projects. 

i removed the links because Skillshare NO longer allows you to put links on community discussion threads



I joined the May Teach Challenge. 

My latest class occupies the # 1 spot on Skillshare over the 8,000 classes created.   I'm honored, humbled, speechless.

Here's my story. 

Humbly, Franki  

Here's to Your Success. 


Below is info on an earlier class I created on the platoform. 

You've published your Skillshare class and now what?   Let's get your 25 students and beyond.   Let's Do this!

NEW  FREE CLASS to help you get students.


Get Your first 25 Students & BEYOND. 


Run a contest like this one below and get your friends and family to create projects in your class which helps it to trend.


See you in class,

ROLL CALL!  Yay we did it.

Have a Safe and enjoyable weekend. 


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