Nicole Roberts

Designer, Illustrator, Painter



My Guitar Gently Weeps...

LOL.  Ok, so I gave this a shot and its much better than the all shapes flat approach.  I think the left side of the surface next to the guitar base could have more brushwork. Originally it was a black guitar but I found that really hard to represent in this simple loose composition so I let the naples yellow suggest it is a natural wood color and make the sound hole and outline pop a little more.  I got too carried away with the outlines around the neck. Maybe just one side would have been better. But other things turned out nice like the white touches on the tuning keys at the top of the neck and that one round stroke around the left bottom side I really like. Even the background craziness is interesting. I suppose you get better at composing these quick brushstrokes with practice.  I was afraid that I would be losing the believability of the subject if I painted loose (giving up the accurate/realistic approach) but I like how Robert suggested to bring it through at the end by refining just a few key lines that convince the viewer of what they are looking at. Don't overdo it though, I found. I actually had to erase some linesto make sure I stayed loose and free feeling. Great exercise. Thank you!  Comments/questions/feedback welcome. 


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