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My (Gryffindor-style) scarf

Hi there!

Well, I'm cheating. I already knew how to knit. My mom taught me to when I was around six or seven. However I wasn't knitting much after that... I mean I was not knitting at all. I resumed knitting around eight years ago, but had to relearn a lot and I did it through videos and tutorials on the internet.

BUT I found this course extremely useful to confirm or improve some of the concepts I had taught myself. I've learnt so much even though I already knew how to do many of the things discussed!

The scarf was extremely fast to do. It's a bit shortish, but perfect for my eight year old girl. I had a skein of superchunky yellow-orange yarn that I wanted to take off my stash and it was also a great excuse to try my size 12 needles. I had sooo much fun!

Since I finished the skein for the body of the scarf, I did the tassels in a red chunky yarn I had around, and I think it looks great :)

Thanks a lot for the course!



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