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My Greek childhood spring

This is my first time creating a pattern.

I come from Greece, I moved to the US 4 years ago, and I still feel homesick and nostalgic. So I thought I'd love to create a pattern with a Greek theme, and, as I was thinking about the many possible combinations of Greece and spring, I decided to go with what I remember from spring, what I immediately associate with Greek spring, as I felt it when I was growing up.

So here is my moodboard. Looking at it I realize that Greek spring is not a pastel-colored affair, but a rather vibrant, lively experience. I may have collected too many diverse items, so I have no idea how these will actually translate into cohesive pattern elements, but I tried to be as faithful to my feelings and memories as possible, hoping this will help!



I have been wondering how what I collected could be used to create something cohesive. Looking at it for inspiration wasn't very helpful. It feels as if I could make many patterns out of it, but it doesn't point much to a specific direction. As for subject matter, wildflowers, butterflies, swallows, sea, rock, strawberries, traditional spring bracelets, many different elements, perhaps too many? As for stylistic direction, none at all.

I looked around at the other projects, tried to note what the others did that was positively commented on, and then I made a second moodboard. In this I one I just kept some of the previous elements and tried to go for images that both evoked my own feeling of Greek spring and depicted some pattern directions and colors that I would like to explore. I feel the second moodboard is more helpful, at least it does evoke a specific atmosphere.



Here are my digitized sketches for the project, the ones i chose to import into Illustrator. I'm not sure which ones are worth using, or if they are cohesive as a group, I guess I'l work on that later. The shapes still need some tweaking but I haven't had time to do this yet.


I feel I would like to add a human figure (a girl - supposedly me), if I have time I'll work on this too.


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