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My Gradual Descent

"It's my gradual descent into a life I never meant"

My favorite line comes from the lyrics of Rilo Kiley's A Man/Me/Then Jim.  This quote means so much to me because it is relatable in so many ways, whether I'm trapped in a loveless relationship, buried deep in debt, stuck in a dead end job or dependent on an addiction.  Needless to say, I draw most of my inspiration from personal experiences of d) all of the above.  I found that most of the words I jotted down are really abstract so I tried to find tangible objects that sort of represented my ideas.

I am really drawn to the idea of a life spiraling into nothingness, so I found some cool pictures of spiral staircases.  I love how a simple photograph of a spiral staircase can create movement and evoke a certain abstract idea, like falling into the depths of despair.  I would like to incorporate it into my design somehow.

I am also inspired by absinthe-related prints.  Not necessarily the ads which depict jovial ladies dressed in frilly hats and dresses, but the darker, more sinister versions.

That is what I've come up with so far.  I plan to continue my research by going to the public library or bookstore and seeing what kind of resources they have.

As far as a real-life application, I would like to make a poster or a framed chalkboard piece that I can hang up in my office to remind myself to take a step back and look at my life every once in a while...that is isn't too late to change my path and try something new.

I also wanted to share my primary inking tool - my Cross pen with the inscription, "Dare to be great."  The inkflow is amazing and the pen is top heavy, which helps since my hands shake quite a bit.

Here's the first part of my warm-up exercise.  This is hard!  I'll try a few more.  I kinda like what's going on with Script 1 and I also like the letter shapes of Fancy Serif (except for the fact that the e's look a bit like dolphins).  What did I learn from this exercise?  Get a low residue eraser or keep a vacuum handy!


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