Kata Dumur

Electronic Music Producer, Singer



My Goals and thoughts / 2016

Hi, I'm Kata, I produce electronic music and sing, and I dream about fulltime music-job life :-D A portfolio of activities around music is also an interesting thing and would work well for me too. Anyhow, to start this challenging way, here are my points along with the goal tracker:

  1. Music-money goals: 1/2 arranging/producing for others, 1/4 composing scores, 1/4 playing live events with my mates from Munich Electronic Music Production collective.
    Ideal, for a bit later: to earn money from publishing of my own songs.
  2. What is working for me: writing and producing for corporate stuff like videos, event backgrounds.
  3. My Goal Tracker is attached.
  4. Money Manifesto: in progress. Very cool but not easy to make. It takes a lot of time and research, which makes also fun, I enjoy it! I think I will never stop adding information there, which is how it will work in the end I guess.
  5. Sharing results: Maybe it’s not yet a material success, but for me grounding a producers collective and leading it is a success already. Keeps me incredibly motivated and I believe that we will make it very good within next months.

My website: dm-kd.com

Cheers :-)


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