My Goal Plan

Step 1:

  • Who am I?
    • Insightful
    • Passionate
    • Sarcastic/Funny
    • Easygoing
    • Consistent
  • What can I offer?
    • Book recaps for long series that take a while to finish
    • Record of my writing journey
    • Lists/rants about things in the book industry or what crosses my mind
  • Merge 'em!
    • I’m going to start blogging. I’ll give regular updates on my writing, probably in a quarterly goal format. Also, I plan to write posts on rants that are book related or just interesting to me. I plan to use a conversational, humorous tone. I’ll create a schedule and stick to it.

Step 2:

  • Who: Young adult fantasy writers and readers
  • What: Recaps, records of my journey, and my weird thoughts
  • When: Mondays
  • Where: Tumblr, Twitter
  • How: Twitter, Insta


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