My Go-To List for ME

1. Eat good food 

I will allow time to shop for and cook good food! My food will be nourishing and comforting. Not only will I spend time cooking, I will spend time eating it (no rushing). I will work on mindful eating. 

2. Workout

I will maintain my workout by going to the gym 3 times per week, once to run and twice for the eliptical. I will also go to yoga 2-3 times per week and really push myelf in the classes. 

3. Read

I will make time to read - to take a break from the computer/phone and just read. 

4. Friends

I will continue to spend relaxing time with the friends who really care about seeing me. 

5. Crafting

I will make time to start and work on a craft. It doesn't matter how silly the craft is! 


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