My Gardening Companion

My muse, like so many other's, is my dog.  His name is Domino and he is my constant companion.  We spend hours together in the garden, so that is the location I chose.  I used a green and yellow color scheme (mostly because that's the colors in my garden at this moment), but I also think the bright colors compliment his black fur.

He is talented at finding shade, in this case beside a border of black-eyed susans:


He guards the garden by chasing away rabbits, squirrels and deer.  It's a tough job that he takes very seriously:


You might think this is a selfless act to protect the veggies, but he has ulterior motives for protecting the garden's harvests:


He is a lover of veggies from peas, beans, corn, tomatoes, broccoli to even radishes!   


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