My Game Plan

My Game Plan - student project

It is possible that I could write a novel someday, but my main aspiration is to publish comic books, specifically manga.

  • Who am I?: I'm gentle, empathetic, understanding, artistic, and an anime fan
  • What do I have to offer?: I make comics, draw artwork of and design my own characters in the anime/manga style and dabble in animation sometimes, and I love world building
  • Merge 'em!: I am a very shy and quiet person, I'm not so good at public speaking. But I have recently discovered I can be very open and honest when writing. I can easily talk about my interest through words on a screen and I can also provide engaging visuals through my art skills to make my words even clearer. I can show the process of my works such as the drawings, character designs, stories and world building, and sometimes give helpful tutorials on those subjects. I can make animations sometimes to bring my stories to life. Being reserved and a person color has made me empathetic so I also strive toward more diversity in stories. And being understanding means that I am open to criticism. 


  • Who: middle grade, young adult, new adult (I like to make all sorts of different stories, with different themes, subjects and for different age groups)
  • What: artwork, tutorials and the process of comic creation, character design, and world building, and animations that relate to my stories
  • Where: A blog on my author website once it's done, twitter, instagram, deviantart, and youtube for my animations 
  • When: weekly, every Friday for smaller things like the tutorials and progression shots; for artwork, once or twice a month also posted on fridays, and animations will most likely be random until i'm able to do this full time 
  • How: talk to people with the same interests as me in many different places, twitter and instagram, occasional youtube videos