My Game Plan

My Game Plan - student project

Who am I?

1. Endearingly weird. Yes, that's a thing. I'm not "bury you in my crawl space" weird, but more I have an unabashedly goofy personality. 

2. Honest. My lack of a filter has finally come in handy, I just say whatever pops into my head and about 99.9% of the time, people enjoy it. Swear words and all.

3. Positive (most of the time.) My positivity is mainly directed outwards and not usually at myself, but I'm working on that. I do enjoy building people up and making them feel good about themselves, however.

4. Empathetic. I have an ability to put myself in another person's shoes, understand where they're coming from without judgment. 

5. Passionate. If it's something that is extremely important to me, I put my all into it. For a long time, it was just my family that I put my all into. Now I have the stability and time to get back into my first love, writing. Writing has always been a dream and passion, but fear of failure has always held me back. Now I am determined to make this a reality.


What do I have to offer?

Self-publishing advice- I am no expert, but this is something you learn as you go and I'm willing to share the experience of what I've learned along the way. Encouraging those who didn't think this was possible for them, because hell I'm doing it, maybe they can too. 

Book reviewer- I'm an avid reader, but I've never really given feedback on the books I've read until now. I find, I truly enjoy it and even though it's a common service, I'm excited about it and that's what matters.

Mental health advocate- this may not seem like a service but bear with me in the section below.


Merge em!

A goofy and empathetic person able to empower people with advice, reviews, and a relatable quality by speaking with positivity but realism.


What is my target audience?

New Adult females, those seeking to be built up after the hardships in their lives.


What service am I offering?

Honest, but positive and passionate advice about self-publishing, encouraging other people to follow their passion. Bring my endearingly weird and humorous personality to my book reviews, giving my honest opinion regardless of the hate I might get for it. Finally, being a mental health advocate, why would I classify this as a service? Well, my empathy towards others and my personal experience with mental illness will help people feel as though they're not alone. Being open and honest with my experiences and ways of overcoming it, could help people and put an end to the stigma.


Where am I going to post content?

I have a website/blog already up and running. I have horrible public speaking issues, so YouTube would not be a good idea for me, yet.


When am I going to post content?

Every Friday


How am I going to spread the word?

Facebook Author Page/Group, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr.