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Agnieszka Kobylinska

Surface pattern designer



My Galaxy

Hello! Here is my galaxy project result. Ana Victoria, you're right is quite hard to decide when to finish! I really enjoyed experimenting and painting stars and planets.

I was mixing my watercolours with pink tombow brushpen and a noname black chinese ink. I also checked a nail polish remover, which "moves" the ink in a funny way. I love how the ink reacts with water and salt! But I will need to find some white opaque paint, I'm not very happy with the acrylic paint used here, but feel very inspired to keep experimenting!

That was an amazing class, can't wait to learn more!



After a long break I finally scanned my other activities! Here they are :) I love how it turned out!



I will upload my pulse&precision activity once I find it! (or make a new one :))


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