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My GTD Journey

Wednesday February 18th, 2015

My project is named Road to Inner Bliss because I believe mastery of GTD will permit me to take control of my life, ultimately allowing me to do all the things I have haphazardly started. 

My goal for this class is to become more organized so I can be more productive and actually do the fun things which I have yet to do. 

My current workflow:


I am defiantly not half as productive as I'd like to be! I am extremely excited to get this productivity aspect taken care of! 

I am currently work as the director of sales for a startup that has just become a small business and studying part time in university. I believe that gaining GTD mastery will help in all area's of my life! 

Ok here we go:

P.s please I looked at several different projects (and have continued to do so) so dont be alarmed if mine is simular to some-other peoples :) 

**Phase 1- Collecting my open loops

When I initially heard this course it was (approximately Tuesday February 17th) at the time I was gauging whether I should take this of not... the concept of organizing my entire life seemed taxing to say the least. Soo I decided to dip my foot in the water and watch a few videos, after all it's just a peek. 

Monday February 23rd, 2015 11:55am

Hi friends its have been a bit of time since I last posted. My progress:

  • Took notes for the videos that I have watched so far
  • have been able to COMPLETELY clear out my inbox for my work/ personal email
  • Discovered the temporary feeling of bliss that accompanies clearing my mind of open loops

Here are the notes that I have taken (I'm an incredibly visual & kinesthetic learner so these notes help my brain understand) p.s. If you wanna take a look at the notes feel free to email me [email protected]














AWESOME! It took me about 20min to figure out how to resize these damn things. These are much smaller than my actual notes but it illustrates the point. 

I will not take some time to rewrite all of my open loops as Next Physical Actions and set a due date if necessary.

September 23, 2015

- Hello GTD friends! 

I have some good news and some bad news (I usually like to hear the bad first so I can end on a happy note). 

The Bad News:

I tried to implement the GTD system but did not trust Things for mac because I tried to implement the GTD system while it was still in construction. 

Essentially one of my close family friends was involved in a successful Kickstarter Project, and he asked me to help him cofound the company. So I took the opportunity and before I know it I was running in a full sprint! 

Unfortunatly I did not watch all of the GTD videos and I tried to utalize Things as my inbox before I even knew how to empty it. 

Anyways the productivty system ended up blowing up in my hands becaue I did not take the TIME TO LEARN THE LESSON! (Its super maddening how simple my mistake was..

The GOOD NEWS!!!!!

Like every brave resilitent person, I decided to get  give it another try.

Soooo on september 20th, I made a promise to myself that I was going to commit to GTD, watch all the lessons and take EVEN MORE detailed notes! 

Now you might ask, well coming back what did you decide to do differently? 

I am a hobbiest graphic designer so I decided to take all of the notes from my note book and redesign them on adobe illustrator. Let me tell you this was no easy process. But it was definitley worth it! 


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