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My Future Love story

Healthy, fulfilling relationships are wonderful and since you have the ability to create exactly what you put your mind to, this project will enable you to focus on creating exactly the relationship you desire.

This project allows you to put together various tools/practices that will enable you to become crystal clear about exactly what you want in a relationship and how to go about creating it.  Tools such as: writing exercises, a tracking sheet, collage board/pinterest board and an audio or video recording will facilitate you consciously and successfully creating and attracting your ideal relationship and mate.  

The writing portion will outline the entirety of your relationship intention and give you the clarity you need to consciously and easily begin the journey to finding the love you are seeking.  

The tracking sheet is a tool to simplify tracking the actions you undertake.

The collage board/pinterest board and audio or Video recording are tools you create and use to remain focused on the outcome you desire, it enables you to visualize that day in the future when you have achieved your relationship goal as if it has already happened.

Class Outline:

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