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Andrea Lyster

Key Leader at lululemon athletica



My Future Life

Interview Questions: Asking the interview questions to all of the different people was a great experience. I was able to ask my parents, a coworker, my spouse, and my best friend. It was really interesting to see how much the majority of their answers overlapped. And to a certain extent, some of them actually said the same thing on a number of questions. It was nice to know that I show up the same in all walks of my life. My biggest take away was how powerful people in my life see that I am and that they all feel I hold it back. 

I've been feeling very stuck in this course and setting goals period recently (that's why I signed up). And this past week, really thinking about coming from above the line in my vision and what that really means, I realised that I had been stuck in my vision so much because I was constraining myself. I was putting parameters around my career vision of the job I'm currently in and the path that I am on through that job. So I let it go, and I found a vision that truly inspires me. I realised that I had taken in everything from the interview questions and really let it marinate except for what people see me most inspired in. I really looked at what inspires me and found a vision from that place. 

I really love writing things and decorating them, so here is my vision that I am ready to chase after. 

I went through and underlined what stood out for me to make my goals from and went from there. 

I am truely excited for my goals, which I haven't been in a long time. I'm excited for what they hold and what they allow for. I'm excited to share them with a select few and to achieve them. My short term career goals put my stomach in knots, but I can't wait for it to happen. I have created more specific goals to reach those as well. 


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