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My Future Dog

Hello classmates! I've been looking at all the projects and everyone is doing an amazing job- such great talent.

And Anne - this class is bomb. I'm an Adobe illustrator gal myself and frankly was never really satisfied with coloring my illustrations. So learning some of your key tips in photoshop really took things up a notch for me. So thanks!

/ / /

We don't have any pets. But I'm DYING to get a dog. Plus, I have a one year old boy who ADORES dogs. Like he gets giddy when he sees them and HAS to go pet them and kiss them. So I want a dog and my baby NEEDS a dog, so why don't we have a dog already you might ask? Well, my husband wants to wait to get one until we put in the grass in our backyard and get fences which we probably won't do until the spring. 

But that's the practical and sensible thing to do, and I don't want to be sensible...I want a dog now! So I'm constantly trying to convince him we should just say "who cares?!" and get one now. But I haven't had much success. 

So I'm illustrating my future dog. And I chose NOT to go look on adoption sites for one because I've alreay gone down that path before and have fallen in love with too many dogs that I couldn't have. (Oh and we plan on adopting an older dog because a puppy PLUS a baby sounds like too much work for me.)

Anyway, here are some photos that I found online of a German Shorthaired Pointer. The kind of dog we WILL be getting. 



So pretty, right? 

And here's the sketch of my future amazing and wonderful dog. 


Obviously he's smart and hip. He's the coolest. His name is Gus. 

And here's my finished illustration of Gus. 


I'll be honest- my first try at this was pretty bad. I don't use photoshop a lot for creating things, I usually use illustrator. But then I got the hang of it a little more and feel like my second try turned out pretty good. 

/ / /

And then I turned my illustration into a poster because I'm not above posting propoganda art around my home to get my way. :)


Let me know what you guys think. Any feedback would be much appreciated! 


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