My Funnel

My Funnel - image 1 - student project

This is an example, because I don't have a business, but I do have an idea of what I'll offer as content in blog posts and how I will generate income from it.


  • Name of Your Business: Lila
  • What are your products/services: e-book, templates, workbooks
  • What is the ultimate goal of this funnel: offer more value with action steps to start a new career.
  • Is your business location specific? no
  • Who is/are the target audience(s) you’re aiming to target with your funnel: young women who are feeling lost about their life's choice.

     (I have the idea in my mind, but don't know how to elaborate here)


Product/Market Fit [Transformation]


Go from FEELING unhappy and frustrated with the current job to having a burst of inspiration to plan a new life with purpose.

From an AVERAGE DAY of fearing failure to having courage to change mindset and face new challenges.


Blog posts with opt-in, Instagram ads, Pinterest pins


Free email course with tips to find their purpose in life and have insights of what they could work with.


Core Product

E-book with complete steps to plan a new career.