My Freelance 'Why' Goal Sheet

My Freelance 'Why' Goal Sheet - student project

Hi students! The main project for this class is to create a 'Why' Goal Sheet that will not only serve as a motivational tool but a powerful reminder of WHY you wanted to freelance in the first place!

This sheet will include some of the basics for freelancing, your industry/area, your content type(s), and what you're thinking in terms of rate. Hopefully, it will be a powerful reference tool as you move forward in your career! Be sure to share yours in the project section!

Here's mine:  Marisa's Freelance 'Why' Goal Sheet


OPTIONAL PROJECT: I also created this *optional* project to help supplement your learning in my class. This is a template you can download through Canva, or simply use as a reference for ideas! It helps to showcase different aspects of a strong Freelance Content Writer resume! 


My Freelance 'Why' Goal Sheet - image 1 - student project


If you modify this one or create your own, share your projects here!

I can't wait to see them and connect with you!

Marisa Donnelly
Writer | Writing Coach | Editor | Author