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My Freedom Ends Where Your Freedom Begins

Hi, I really enjoyed the class, I'm used to draw and paint with watercolors, and make some adjustments on photoshop, but I had never used Illustrator for drawing or painting before, so I appreciate the oportunity to learn the basics about it. 

About the idiom, here in Chile, people says "Mi libertad llega hasta donde empieza la de otro" ("My Freedom Ends Where Your Freedom Begins", So I did the illustration based on that, and later I saw that in english there are some similar references, like: "your freedom ends where my nose begins", which was a lot more graphic and easy to illustrate. But I discovered it too late, when I had my original drawing and painting almost finished...


I didn't had the blender pen or the lasser printer, so I tried to add some textures with Photoshop (but I'm not totally happy about the thick black lines).

Cheers from Chile!


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