My Fourney (Fitness jOURNEY)

My Fourney (Fitness jOURNEY) - student project

i want to appologize in advance for seemingly rambling, unsorted paragraphs, i tend to just write in this manner, though i don't actually mean to be using such technical or formal language; it just happens to be flowing this way out of my mind.

1-15/13: at the moment my fitness goal is somewhat general, because i dont really know what's realistic number wise yet, though generally, my goal is to lose my minor belly fat that i have, and lose around 10 lbs. a goal during all these goals is to maintain my healthy habits for the long term, as i have made numerous attempts at consistant exercise and diet, but for various reasons, both financial and habitual, i've failed up to this point. I've already taken steps toward this goal, thanks to Fitocracy coming to android, which is logging my everyday activities that normally would not have been logged due to lack of access to an easy fact though, the Fitocracy android app has caused me to at times be unable to stand inactivity.  Stay tuned for more updates!

1-22/13: just watched the second installment, and got a lot of good "food for thought"...also trying to narrow down my fitness goals, though i've already started working out practically every day...will upload  a workout when i figure out how to do so, but i'm even logging when i walk from place to place, trying to keep track of as much of my activity as i can. (side note: i noticed brian wang and dick talons use macs for their vids, as well as using keynote for their u thought we wouldn't notice...:) its ok, i won't tell anyone) EDIT: found out how to share workouts...this workout is from when i didnt have my gym membership back, and was logging thanks to the fitocracy android app, which, by the way, is creating the possitive feedback loop which is helping me to keep working out: . this one is from when i wont the free three month membership at my local gym:  If counting calories was like fitocracy, then it would be worth doing, but atm (meaning at the moment, in case anyone who reads this doesnt understand) the tedium of it outweighs the possible gains, though i think fitocracy should incorporate nutrition into the system, but that's a conversation for another day. If anyone knows of a counting app for android that u can just scan potential foods to get the stats, then log with ease, please mention it in the comments. thanks in advance! One positive thing i've noticed is that, since getting my id more than a year ago, i havent gained weight. I think the next phase of my fitness growth will be changing my diet to accomplish the weight loss goal. BTW: i want to gain muscle, but i'm leaning more towards the " lower weight, higher reps" kind of muscle, which i dont believe was mentioned in the video, but i think it may be because that' more of an advanced thought process. my profile pic on fitocracy is, for the most part, a before pic, sorry for the randomness, i just forgot to mention it earlier, so i wanted to mention it before i forgot again.  Stay tuned for more updates!