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My Fly Is Open Jeans

How often do we walk out of the bathroom and just forget to zip or button up leaving us to walk around looking like fools until some bold friend calls you out and makes you look silly? This happens more often than not in this day and age of tweeting and tagging on the phone while sitting on the john. But what if we could flip this embarrassment moment of forgetfulness into a fashion statement you make on purpose?

introducing My Fly Is Open Jeans: The first line to make it fly to have your fly open. The jeans are constructed without zippers or buttons. Instead we leave them open and place a designer piece of fabric in the whole to create the illusion that your fly is open. Lots of teens want to show their underwear anyways. This is the legal way to do it because you aren't actually showing anything.  It's a conversation starter. 

The pieces of fabric that can go into the open flys can range from silly to serious. You can have owl eyes peeking out or Uncle Sam pointing straight at you. Maybe you have a polka dot pattern or a picture of the Titanic to suggest what may lie underneath if you sink deeper. 

Although this sounds like a joke, I'm perfectly fine with that. This brand is supposed to make people laugh and break the taboo of having your fly open. It turns that functional piece of real estate on pants into another way to express yourself. Fashion designers can have a field day designing clever graphics and patterns that show when your "fly" is open. 

When thinking deeper about what Jeff Staple said about whether I want this to be short or long term, I think this is a short term trend that could catch on for a niche market. That being said, I truly believe it can be a trend that can catch on. For Pete's sake, parachute pants were invented as well as bell bottoms. 

Now more than ever is a time for crazy pants. People are accepting women wearing pants with patterns and even guys wearing more  colors than standard blue denim jeans. Who knows? Maybe it will catch on and last longer, but what is true is that I'm passionate and I believe in it. I just need a little help getting my fly in the door. 


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