My First Zine

My First Zine - student project

I found this class to be the most difficult of the whole workshop. Maybe because I have preconceived notions of what zines are back from when I was young and I am neither punk rock anymore or any sort of millennial hipster... so I avoided doing this project for literally as long as possible. When I finally did force myself to do it (I was trying really hard to connive myself that no one was MAKING me turn in a project and I should just skip it), it was pretty difficult for me, emotionally. The final product I ended up with accessed a lot of regret and guilt and shame for me, from the time of my life when I carved these stamps that I ended up using, after "collections" were suggested as a starting point. Maybe it was left over emotion stuff from Mari Andrew's class, but this is where I ended up. It looks very raw, but my emotions about this time are very raw. I don't know that I';; ever really get in on the zine scene, but I definitely dig the folding and cutting instructions for this-- I think I could make some really great one-off, personalized gifts for friends and family with this method. Who knows, maybe someday a zine will just spill right out of me. This one felt a whole lot more like an induced birth. Sans epidural.My First Zine - image 1 - student projectMy First Zine - image 2 - student projectMy First Zine - image 3 - student projectMy First Zine - image 4 - student project