Taylor Crockett

Illustrator, Designer, Jeweler, Pasta Enthusiast.



My First Wireframing attempt

So I am a visual artist with a love for design and a really strong desire to learn. I've always had a serious knack for organization and saw that wire-framing was a different avenue for that.

My partner plays guitar and likes effects pedals so I decided to make a fake site for a fake company called 'Trail Blazer Electronics' for my persona 'Evan'. Evan is a hobby musician who likes experimenting with electronics effects with his guitars and amps, etc. He works during the day as a manager so he has a knack for creative problem-solving with people but at the end of the day he wants to be able to experiment with different sound effects without having to take the time to learn how to create them himself- he's not an engineer. Evan needs a site where he can see the different products, hear them, learn about how they were made, and purchase them. An added bonus would be that the pedals have unique aesthetics, so there is a place where he could see more about the artist who designed the specific pedal. 






So excuse any things that don't make sense... I wasn't sure at this point of the lesson whether or not pictures and video as well as buttons were represented similarly with the box with the x through it.


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