My First Time with Water Colors.

Hey my name is Will Wheaton

Im an aspiring fashion illustrator. I would love to become a world class designer someday, I know this takes time. Design is not just slapping graphics on tees or making denim pants. 

Knowing this, I wanted to make sure I am able to translate my vision clearly. From the sketch all the way down to choosing colors and fabrics for the garment. Water color seems to work best from what I have observed. I also own copic markers to help with the process. The mix of mediums looks amazing!!! Im looking forward to learning how to properly color with watercolors as well as learning to create different textures. 

This is my first time other than elementary school where I have gotten a chance to sit down and work with water colors. Im pretty excited to see how this turns out. 

I recently decided to go buy water colors, for beginners because thats what I am, I ended up doing some reseearch and grew fond of the travel set by Windsor & Newton. I decided on the travel set becuase I plan on taking this with me everywhere, you never know where you might need to translate a vision.  I also grabbed a water color notebook by Moleskin and brush pens by Kuretake. Brush sizes are Small, Medium, Large. For now i figured these could hold me over along with the great detailer brush that comes with the travel set. I will more than likely grab actual brushes upon finishing the class.

I decided to free hand everything so I could get used to the brushes, lets see how that goes. 

Perfectly imperfect haha. During this portion of the project I spent time on figuring out how much water is too much when mixing colors, also dplaying with the opacity. I definitely want to give credit to my experience with acrylics for knowing what to mix in order to get the color I want. 

I wish the palette was a little bigger for the travel set, or I knew how to mix the colors better in a small space. Oh well you live and you learn. 


I started off with drawing the shoe of course, then proceeding to color it. While colloring I did a few things backwards, not purposely but hey it happened and worked out just fine. 

Then proceeded to fill in the blanks

Once I finished the painting I scanned the image and dragged it to photoshop. From there I took the drawing and placed it on a white background with the "Supreme" logo underneath. I thought it looked cool, so I did it.


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